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VSCREEN® Software Technology

VSCREEN® is a new software technology for equity screening and portfolio management in inefficient stock markets. The system utilizes a proprietary quantitative expected return factor algorithm that capitalizes on stock market inefficiency and an innovative scientific methodology for risk mitigation that ensures a significant margin of safety as well as increased probabilities for superior investment returns.


VPORTFOLIO is focused equity portfolios that help professional investors to maximize investment return to reduced risk. VPORTFOLIO can be customized to help meet special requirements and investment goals to build a solid foundation for long term equity portfolios.


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VSCREEN® provides investors with "real time" ranking of equity populations based on VSCREEN® proprietary screening methodology. The system ranks equities on a risk adjusted basis. By eliminating relative risk between competing assets the system allows for an adequate "apples to apples" comparison of investment returns among competing assets and asset classes. VSCREEN® is based on the philosophy that all stock investments compete with one another and that rate of return on a risk free asset (such a Treasury note issued by the US government) is the benchmark that all investments ultimately must compete with.